• Keep your bike protected with our Winter Cleaning Kit

Here's a great stocking filler that is just what you need when riding this winter!

The SDoc 100 Winter Cleaning kit is in stock here at Bikers Jersey and offers all you need to keep your bike in tip top condition over these cold winter months.

This all round winter cleaning kit contains protection and care products to help keep your bike clean, protected and preserved, all in one neat and handy package.

Available for just £41.96 the kit contains a micro fibre cloth, sponge, total cleaner 1ltr, corrosion protectant 300ml, chain cleaner 75ml, black and shine 50ml, re-fillable chain lube 75ml, paint and plastic polish 200ml and a visor and helmet wipe.

With SDoc 100 Total Gel Cleaner you can remove road grime, dirt, and grease without scrubbing, preventing damage to your machine’s bodywork. The corrosion protectant helps to strengthen metal parts against road damage whilst the chain cleaner and chain lube ensure grit and grease is removed and chain parts are properly lubricated.

To get your cycle looking in top shape you can then apply the paint and plastic polish and black and shine to remove fine scratches, revitalise colour and protect bodywork from UV bleaching.

Visit us instore to pick up your Winter Cleaning Kit or give us a call on 01534 736531.